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Woven Felt Keyboard Mat

Woven Felt Keyboard Mat

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Introducing MKB Woven Felt Keyboard Mat – the ultimate solution for a desk that's both spacious and filled with that satisfying thock sound! Designed to accommodate various keyboard sizes, it is not only maximizes your desk space but also ensures your keyboard continues to produce that signature thock, making it a win-win for both functionality and acoustics!

- Suitable for Office Use
- Minimalistic design
- Premium Felt Fabric feel
- Soft Landing for Keyboards!
- Soft to touch and write on
- Logo printed with laser engraving technology
- Stitched edge for extra durability
- Studded non slip rubber base for extra grip

MKB Woven Felt Keyboard Mat comes in three different sizes:
- 380mm x 155mm x 4mm for TKL keyboards;
- 345mm x 155mm x 4mm for 75% keyboards;
- 335mm x 130mm x 4mm for 65% keyboards.

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