Our Journey

Our story begins with three siblings that share the same interest - Custom Mechanical Keyboard. It then turned into a passion when we wanted to be able to connect with the community that shares the same interest around the world. 


“Custom keyboard should not be a luxury” is something we believe in. It is our goal to provide the perfect products you need for your mechanical keyboard with the best quality yet affordable. Started with our very own handmade artisan keycaps in August, 2021 and fast forward to now, MKB.MY is your one stop centre that provides keycaps, keyboards, switches, deskmats and basically anything you need to build your dream keyboard. 


MKB.MY may still be relatively new, but we’re just getting started. Encouraged and inspired, we want to bring our dream to be THE one stop centre for your keyboard without hurting your wallet across the globe! 


We can’t wait to be part of your amazing journey to build your dream keyboard :)