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Tangzu x HBB Xuan Nv

Tangzu x HBB Xuan Nv

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Who is HBB? Aka HawaiiBadboy With the success of our recent collaboration with HBB the Zetian Wu Heyday, show’s his expertise and experience with music and audiophile sound. With a passion for music and a disdain for small talk, this total badass cuts through the noise of audio hype with brutal honesty. Known for his no-nonsense approach, he fearlessly evaluates products, proclaiming them as either "great" or "sukz" without hesitation. Armed with sharp wit and a critical eye, he takes pleasure in debunking the myths perpetuated by audio con men, relishing the opportunity to expose their deceitful schemes. In a world filled with inflated claims and false promises, the HawaiiBadboy stands as a beacon of authenticity, ready to deliver the unvarnished truth about in-ear monitors.

In the Box:
1x Tangzu x HBB Xuan Nv
1x 3.5mm Plug
1x IEM Case
3x Tang Sancai (Wide Bore) Earbuds
3x Tang Sancai (Balance) Earbuds
1x 3.5mm Oxygen-free Copper Cable

Product comes with 1 year warranty!!

Premium Craftsmanship
Medical Grade Resin
Butterfly Design Concept
2 Dynamic Driver
0.78mm Detachable Cable Design
HawaiiBadboy Joint Tuning
4 Core Single Crystal Oxygen-Free Copper Cable

Unit Configuration :10mm Ceramic Dynamic driver unit * 1;8mm PU + LCP Dynamic driver unit * 1
Sensitivity :98dB 1kHz
Impedance :8.5Ω 1kHz±20%
Frequency Range :7Hz-20kHz
Cable Material :Single crystal oxygen-free copper
Cable Length :1.2m±5%
Socket Interface :2pin0.78

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