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Chilkey Paw 65

Chilkey Paw 65

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  • Keyboard Layout: 65%
  • Case Finish: Electrostatic-Coated
  • Case Material: Aluminum
  • Mounting Style: Gasket Mount
  • Plate: Fr4 Plate
  • PCB: Tri-Mode, 1.2mm Thickness, with Ai03 Daughterboard
  • Stabilizer: Plate Mount Stabilizer
  • Connection Method: Tri-Mode (Wired & Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4G)
  • System Supported: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Bluetooth Support: Can be paired up to 3 devices
  • Independent Driver Support: Yes
  • Battery Capacity: 2250mAh*2
  • PCB Polling Rate in Wired Mode: 1000Hz
  • Keycap Profile: Purple Unicorn: Cherry, Blush Pink: DDA, Wild Rose: DDA

Replaceable Diffuser

Equipped with two interchangeable diffuser types, providing the flexibility to meet various needs.

Paw Logo Weight

The distinctive cat paw logo adds an adorable touch to your keyboard. 


Bluetooth Connection

Free your desk of clutter with Bluetooth! The Paw65 can be paired with up to 3 devices.


Per-Key RGB

The Tri-Mode PCB enables per-key RGB lighting, offering a diverse selection of colors and effects to enhance your visual experience. 


Plate Mount Stabilizer

The plate mount stabilizer can improve the accuracy effectively to make the modifier keys more stable and silky.


Ergonomically Designed

With a 6.5° inclination angle and an 18.6mm front height, you can type for extended periods without feeling tired. 


Poron Dampener Kit

4 Layers of poron filling ensures you're able to tweak the sound to your preference! 


FR4 Plate

For an awesome bouncy typing experience! 


Independent Driver

Customization requires the use of the independent driver.


Two Types of Switches

Choose between Linear Switches or Tactile Switches. Please Note: Switches only applies to the Assembled Edition.


Keycap Profiles

Please note that each color option is equipped with a different keycap profile. Only applicable for Assembled Edition.

What's In The Box?


1x Fully Assembled Keyboard; or Keyboard Kit (Barebone Version)


1x Tri-mode PCB (Flex cut or Non-flex cut)

1x FR4 Plate

1x Cat Ear Diffuser

1x Metal Rim Diffuser

1x 2.4g Wireless Receiver

1x Daughterboard/JST Cable

1x Poron Dampener Kit

2x 2250mAh Li-ion batteries

1 Set x Stabilizers

1 Set x Keycaps (Matched the case color) (Assembled Edition)

1 Set x Switches (of Your Choice) (Assembled Edition)


1x USB Coiled Cable 


1x Tools Bag

Other Accessories

1x Drawstring Bag

1x After-sales Card

1x QC Card

1x Instruction Manual

1x Storage Box

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