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Keyboard Carrier Case V2

Keyboard Carrier Case V2

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Colours: Tile White & Cement Grey
Material: Felt Material
100 keys - 41cm x 17cm (96%), compatible to DK100
87 keys - 37cm x 17cm (75%), compatible to Next Time 75 and James Donkey A3
68 keys - 33.5cm x 14cm (65%), compatible to DK68 and DK67 Pro

Have too many keyboards and not sure where and how to stash them? Want to move a few keyboard to another location but couldn't find a good carrier to carry them? Wait no more, introducing MKB.MY maiden product, the keyboard carrier. They come in two sizes for 60% and 75% keyboard. Felt materials are very good absorbers in case of knocking against the wall, edges of table, door handles etc. 

Version 2 is now available! It comes with magnetic enclosure and stitched edge for a sleeker look (and practical too)!

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