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Groupbuy Extra Ready Stock

65% custom mechanical keyboard

CNC'd 6063 Aluminium with PVD stainless steel weight

Hotswap PCB as standard kit 1.2mm, support QMK/VIA

Kit Size: 324 x 135.5 x 33.4

Weight: 1.15~1.2kg net or ~1.38kg built

Mount: Plate gasket

Typing angle: 7 degrees

Join65 Colour


Top & Bottom

Badge Colour

Weight Colour

Feet Colour

Silicon Top Sheet

Teal Blue

Teal Blue & Silver

PVD Silver

PVD Silver





PVD Silver

PVD Silver



E-White Copper

E-White & Copper

PVD Gold

PVD Gold



Standard Kit Item:

1 x Case (Top Case, Bottom Case & 2 Sides)

1 x FR4 Plate

1 x Foam Pack (Plate, Case, PE, AS Sheet)

1 x Hotswap PCB + Daughter Board

1 x Silicon Top Sheet

1 x Matching Colour Join Badge

1 x Matching Colour Weight

1 x Carrying Case

1 x Set of Assembly Hardware

Terms & Conditions

  1. No amendments can be made to the specification once the payment has been made.
  2. The customer has agreed to the quality and product disclaimer provided by Knifelab.
  3. The customer has agreed on the terms and condition stated above upon making payment for the group buy.

Quality Disclaimer

Kinfelab will perform QC from their end prior to bulk packing with the following standards listed by us.

  1. Keyboard case (top & bottom) 
    • External surfaces (viewable surface when it’s fully built) - should be free from machining marks, dents, and scratches (surface defects less than 3mm wide and only noticeable under certain light conditions are considered acceptable). No anodizing streaks or discolouration. E colour free from bubbles, scratches and bumps.
    • Internal surface - anodizing hook marks, small machining marks (especially near case screw points, internal curves and corners), small discolouration near screw holes, and very faint anode streaking is acceptable.
    • Weight & Badge - Each weight and badge will have a protective film installed to prevent scratches on PVD surfaces. Utmost care will be taken however hairline scratches or small imperfections may still be present which is acceptable. Laser engraving should be sharp and defined.
  2. PCB
    • PCB & Daughterboard should be fully functional and no components missing or detached.
    • JST cable intact, no loose wire or broken wire
  3. Plates
    • Plates should be free from obvious machining marks and dents. Aluminium plates may show very slight warping during transport (not fully flat on a flat surface but straight when fully built with switches)
      • PC plate due to material softness may show small scratches
  4. Carry case
    • The zipper and carry handle are properly attached and functional, exterior is free from unclean-able stains

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