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Akko Matcha Green V3 Pro

Akko Matcha Green V3 Pro

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Akko Matcha Green Pro has upgraded the regular Matcha Green with dustproof structure, with additional lubes on the rails, providing better out-of-box experiences

The 55gf actuation force for Matcha Green Pro is heavier than regular Matcha Green and is a great option for users who are in favor of smooth linear switches but prefer stronger feedback and deeper sound

  • 55±5gf operating force,
  • 2.0±0.5mm pre travel
  • 3.8mm total travel
  • Linear MX Switch with 3-pin
  • Translucent PC top housing
  • Matcha Green PA bottom housing
  • Matcha Green POM box stem
    Bundled with a box for every 45 switches purchased
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