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[PRE-ORDER] Chilkey Pink Lotus

[PRE-ORDER] Chilkey Pink Lotus

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Chilkey Pink Lotus Linear Switch

  • Total Travel: 3.50+0.3mm
  • Pre-Travel: 2.00+0.5mm
  • Operating Force: 50+5gf
  • Actuation Force: 35gf Min
  • Bottom Out Force: 60gf Max
  • Mechanical Lifespan: 80 million times
  • Electrical Lifespan: 100 million times
  • Spring: 18mm/Double Stage
  • Lubrication Status: Factory lubed
  • Top Housing Material: POM/Pink
  • Bottom Housing Material: POM/Pink
  • Stem Material: UPE/White
  • Light Diffuser Material: PMMA/foggy/honeycomb
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